20 minutes are allowed for the Multiple Choice Questions (questions 3-62).
30-40 minutes should be spent on the essay part.
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This test consists of 2 sections

Section 1: Multiple Choice Questions

Choose the correct letter A, B or C and select one answer only.

No dictionaries or other reference materials are allowed while doing the test.

Section 2: Essay Writing
Please choose a topic and write a short essay.

What is your full name? *

What is your phone number? *

Do you have an education agent? *

What is the name of your education agent?

Please leave this blank if you do not have an education agent.
I ____ there since I was 15. *

The sauce ____ delicious. *

There aren't ____ spare parts left. *

It is a ____ choice, but I think Carla is the better candidate. *

Find someone ____ can collect mail for you. *

You may have neighbours that you can rely ____. *

I often go ____ in the winter. *

The best way to get there is by ____ bus. *

Could you ____ me a favour *

There are ____ days in February than in March. *

Could you give me ____ advice on what to do. *

We produce ____ full sales report four times a year *

____ makes the world go round. *

I am sorry, I do not understand. You are talking too ____. *

Computer games ____ better every year. *

I am looking forward ____ seeing you next week. *

I don't have a phone here. Can I use ____? *

I am not very good ____ taking photographs. *

He spoke English very ____. *

I have always been interested ____ teaching. *

You are a person ____ job involves a lot of travel. *

I work for ____ HSBC in Hong Kong. *

All the information ____ interesting and well presented. *

I do not think the audience liked the talk. They looked ____. *

It is ____ to travel so far to the office. *

I was so tired that I could ____ keep my eyes open. *

This machine never breaks ____ because it is very reliable. *

Hint: Stop working

All applications ____ on the spot. *

They made us ____ all kinds of animals including spiders and snakes. *

____ employee has more than 25 days' paid holiday. *

Our suppliers ____ very helpful at the moment. *

I am sorry, the President is busy. You'll have to ____ an appointment. *

You can wait until she ____ back. *

The goods ____ in transit. *

Have you backed the data ____? *

Hint: Made a copy on your computer

The new equipment ____ a big improvement. *

I ____ the sauce to see if it needs any more salt. *

The man told me he ____ my father a long time before. *

A promising new drug ____ by our medical centre. *

I saw her ____ her presentation. *

I'd like to talk to you today about ____ exciting development. *

When I was a child I used to walk to ____ school. *

That was probably ____ enjoyable meal I have ever had. *

I will give you a lift into town when I ____ this work. *

I wish I ____ help you. *

I saw the advertisement for the job ____ chance and decided to apply for it. *

The hotel ____ I stayed was quite cheap. *

I got my photo ____ yesterday. *

We have not dismissed ____ employees. *

Friday was brought up in Stockholm, so she is probably ____. *

The company was set ____ last year. *

Hint: Established

I am getting ____ with my work. *

Hint: Not doing as much as I should

I really admire ____ Italians for their sense of design. *

The late ____ of the conference was particularly annoying for the people who had prepared presentations. *

I couldn't help ____ that he was wearing odd socks. *

I do not think the audience liked the talk. It was a bit ____. *

These are ____ souvenirs. *

There is no excuse for people leaving school ____. *

I was made ____ all kinds of students' enquiries. *

It is ____ human nature to want to find a solution to our problems. *

Select ONE of the following topics and write about 200 words. You should spend between 30 and 40 minutes on this task.

TOPIC 1: You have just won a large sum of money in the lottery. Write to your best friend to tell him/her good news. Explain how you are planning to spend the money and ask your friend what he/she thinks.

TOPIC 2: Write for an international travel magazine about a famous product that is made in your country. Give a brief history of the product, say how it is made, and why people should buy it.

TOPIC 3: Write a story for a writing competition beginning with the words “when I woke up I was on the beach…” Say where you were, what you did next and how long you were there.

TOPIC 4: You are planning to travel to a foreign country this summer. Write what you need to do or to know before you go. *

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